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More Than Just Strategy…
You’ll Be Set Up For Success

Here’s How…

In order to build a transformational online program you not only need strategies that work, but you also need online marketing assets and branding that position you as the go-to expert in your field.

At The OM Academy, our clients not only have access to our world-class training, they also have access to the best graphic designers, website developers, and branding experts around.

Our team has decades of experience designing high-end websites and branding projects for celebrities, professional athletes, and Fortune 500 companies, and now you have access to that same talent.

Our Done For You services are a total game-changer, and it’s what makes our programs and services stand apart from everything else out there.

Premium Websites Designed To
Convert Visitors Into Clients

STOP working outside your zone of genius!

You’re the expert in healing. We’re the experts in creating high-converting websites.

That’s why clients of The OM Academy have access to the very best visual designers to craft their own website designed specifically for them, their ideal client, and the premium programs they develop during our time together.

This takes the pressure off you to market your program… and instead allows you to focus on serving your clients with your whole self.

Please click the arrows to see our website designs.

Show Up Fully With a Brand That Resonates

Your impact on the world starts with your brand. And with our 20+ years of brand experience, we’re here to help you start that journey the right way. Instead of fighting for hours to find the perfect logo or to create the perfect “look” for your business, let us craft an authentic brand that will resonate completely with your ideal audience.

Please see the logo designs below for students of The OM Academy:


Full Marketing Automation Implementation

The strategies that you’ll learn in The OM Academy will allow you to automate your marketing – which means no more trading hours for dollars!

We’ll set up the entire system for you – from landing pages to email automation – so you can focus on creating world-changing content…and not the technical nitty-gritty that frustrates and overwhelms you.


When you’re focused on building your online programs and a new business that will allow you to serve the world and be paid to do it…the last thing you want is to spend your energy on figuring out how to market it.

That’s why we’re here to handle the branding, website and marketing automation aspects for you.

That’s how we can serve you, so you can serve others.

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