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What Is An Awaken Spiritual Warrior?

Awaken Spiritual Warriors are heart-centered entrepreneurs.

They take bold and decisive action every day to positively impact the planet and create lives and businesses that others can only dream of.

They realize that their current struggle with their business doesn’t have to stay that way. They understand that this problem can be solved with the right coaching and strategies.

And that’s why they come to us.

They are dedicated to learning the skills needed in today’s digital age to amplify their message so they can affect more lives and heal the planet.


Meet the next generation of leaders in holistic healing.

Meet Kaila…

From 0 to $15,000 in 60 Days

I can see the future of meeting a potential that I never have met yet. It’s kind of unbelievable when you’re living in your dream and you’re building your business the way you want it in every aspect and it’s up to you.

– Kaila

Meet Vanessa…

Over $50,000 In ONE Month

The OM Academy gave me wings to fly, to reproduce myself in a practical way. The OM Academy has allowed me to create structure in my business, automate so I can work less, and focus on what matters…GROWING my business

– Vanessa

Meet Trent…

From 0 to $25,000 in 90 Days

The OM Academy totally changed everything for me. It has positioned my business for a tremendous amount of growth in ways that I didn’t know was possible. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level you need to reach out to their team ASAP

– Trent

Meet Debbie…

How To Overcome Technophobia

The opportunities are bountiful. Go. Do it. It’s all about mindset. Don’t let it be a should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?

– Debbie

Meet Julie…

Creating Your Dream Business

When you go through The OM Academy, you will get so many more dreams about what your purpose really is. The OM Academy reminded me of who I really am. You leave The OM Academy with more than just a business

– Julie

Disclaimer: these are all real clients. No one is ever compensated in any way for what they write or say. These Elite Spiritual Warriors have tremendous work ethic who have pushed though huge challenges to succeed. No results have been independently verified that they are true. We honor and respect our Elite Spiritual Warriors by taking their word for it.

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