Your Stealth Seminar Set Up

Here's some videos to familiarize yourself with your Stealth Seminar Set Up:

Stealth Seminar Set Up
An Overview of Stealth Seminar
It's important to understand your tech set up. Here is a walk through of what has been set up in your Stealth Seminar account:
Stealth Seminar Set Up​​​​​​​
How To Upload your Masterclass in Stealth Seminar

In this video we cover how to upload your Masterclass in Stealth Seminar. Also if you are looking specifically to replace an existing recording of your Masterclass you will be able to view this at the 11:34 mark of the video below.
Stealth Seminar Set Up​​​​​​​
How To Replace An Existing Masterclass
​​​​​​​in Stealth Seminar

If you are looking to replace your Masterclass recording with an updated one in Stealth Seminar, here's how:

Stealth Seminar Set Up
How to Submit a Ticket to Stealth Seminar
The Stealth Seminar Support Team is a great resource to help you as you move forwards with running your webinar. If you need to submit a support ticket to Stealth Seminar support, fast forward this video to the 11:55 minute mark where we show you how to submit a ticket:
Stealth Seminar Set Up​​​​​​​
How To Review Your Stats 
If you want to login and view your stats on how many people have signed up for your Masterclass and how many people attended, Here's how: 
Stealth Seminar Set Up​​​​​​​
How To Obtain Your Registration Link
If you need your direct webinar link for Facebook, fast forward this video to the following times to see how: 1:11 and 2:53
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